The Symbolism and Power of Horses

symboliek en kracht paarden medicijnvrouw Centrum Equus

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You can find the symbolism and power of the horses in their appearance and behavior. Horses carry a deep wisdom inside them, a wisdom that goed beyond the physical world to the invisible world. They take you with them into the depth, to power and freedom, on a journey to this invisible world.

The horses have allowed being domesticated about 6,000 years ago. They have entered into a connection with humans and with that they have brought an enormous development to mankind. It became more easy for people to travel long distances. Furthermore, the horses have also been used in warfare for a long time. Also on a spiritual level the horses have been of great significance throughout the ages. A lot of mythical horse creatures exist, like the Unicorn, Pegasus and Chiron.

Horses live on the border of the physical world and the invisible world, they are present here on earth and at the same time they have a deep connection with the other world. From that arises life force. It is being true to yourself, to your own inner guidance. That brings freedom, the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to create your own life.

With their behavior horses respond to our thoughts, emotions and actions. In this way we can become conscious of our own inner life. That is the power of horses, showing us where we are not in harmony with our own source of life. So we can restore the harmony and live again from inner strength, our life force.

From the contact with yourself, your inner power, the horses take you with them on a journey to the invisible world. To receive insight and healing, to live again from harmony with you you are deep down inside. It is the love for yourself and with that for everything that lives. They also take you to your dreams, what your soul wants to learn and what you can do to realise these dreams. It is the magic of life.

Last updated: April 1, 2021

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