Your horse as mirror of your soul

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We like to surround ourselves with people with whom we have something in common, for example the love for horses, but also in character traits. This also applies to the horse-human relationship, we attract each other because there is something in common. Your horse comes to you as a mirror of your soul.

Horses are in this connection a very sensitive and direct mirror with their behavior. This ensures that your horse shows you what is going on inside yourself regarding emotions and thoughts that influence your behavior, often unconsciously. Because of this you can become aware of what is going on inside yourself. This gives you peace of mind and the possibility to direct your own actions more consciously.

For example, you have experienced in your life that your boundaries were not respected. And now you have a horse that walks over you every time. Your horse can then be with you to teach you to set your own boundaries in a clear, yet friendly way.

Physical problems
Horses do not only show you with their behavior what is going on inside you. Also physical problems in your horse are a mirror of your soul. Because body and mind are connected, emotions and thoughts directly influence the body. If you are very nervous, you can start to sweat or get abdominal cramps. Sudden, severe or prolonged stress can therefore cause physical problems.

For example colic in the horse. The intestines digest food, absorb nutrients, to finally excrete what is no longer needed. This symbolises the digestion of emotions, so that food for the soul can be taken and what is no longer needed is let go. When a horse has colic, you often see that there are indigestible/unconscious emotions causing stress. By becoming aware of these emotions, they can be digested and body and mind can heal.

This does not mean that you do not need a vet with severe colic. It is about the message behind the colic. So that perhaps you can prevent the colic the next time. By looking at your horse's health problems in this way, you can heal together, at the level of the soul.

For more information about this subject, you can downlaod my thesis for free, however it is in Dutch: 'De uitwissing van energie tussen mens en dier, hoe en waarom?' (The exchange of energy between human and pet, how and why?)

Do you want more insight into the processes between you and your horse, in behavior or illness? You can request a consultation for your horse.

Last updated May 20, 2021

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