The heart as centre of the soul


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The heart is often depicted in the colour red. The red blood flowing through it is pumped around the body by the heart. Blood as a symbol of life force, it transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products through the veins. Essential for the functioning of the body, the heart as centre of the soul.


The lungs play an important role in this, they are in close contact with the heart. Through inhalation they provide the oxygen and through exhalation they remove the resulting carbon dioxide. Oxygen as a symbol for breathing space. By giving yourself space, a balance is created between giving and receiving, doing and being.

The heart lies in the centre of the body. The heart chakra as the centre between the lower three chakras focused on the material, physical world and the upper three chakras focused on the spiritual, invisible world.

The heart is the place of unconditional love. Love for yourself, by putting yourself first. This creates love for the other. The heart is also vulnerable. Unconscious, hidden grief blocks the energy of the heart. It is precisely in this vulnerability that the power lies.

Centre of the Soul

The heart as centre of the soul. Following your heart is following your soul, the deepest wishes from your own being. It takes courage to follow your heart. The word courage is derived from the Latin word cor, which means heart.

To follow your heart is to live from inner authority, to let go of outer authority. Following your heart requires trust, in your own inner knowing and wisdom, no matter what happens. Trust in the process of learning, developing and coming back into harmony with your own soul. Your heart knows which way to go, which step to take on the road to your own dreams and desires. The heart brings passion and joy of life, it is the beauty of the soul.

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