Resistance worms and bacteria in the horse

resistentie wormen bacteriën Centrum Equus

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Resistance of worms and bacteria in horses increases with time. Deworming products and antibiotics are becoming less effective against these outside invaders. While the use of these products may be necessary sometimes, it is important to look at the cause of the horse's susceptibility for worms and bacteria.

It is normal for a horse to carry worms and bacteria, we humans also carry all kinds of bacteria. In a healthy horse, this does not cause any problems. However, when the resistance of the horse decreases, the susceptibility for invaders increases and they can multiply more easily in the horse's body. This may be as a result of old age or illness in the horse.

The immune system is responsible for clearing out invaders. Stress is an important factor that reduces defence, especially in the case of chronic stress. This can happen in many different ways.

Due to the connection on the level of the soul between human and horse, the health of the horse cannot be seen separately from our own (mental) health. If we look on the level of the soul, this is about defensibility in the form of boundaries. What is yours and what is not and do you succeed in defending yourself against it? Is it possible to keep the worms and bacteria within limits?

During a consultation for your horse I look at the processes at the level of the soul. What makes your horse susceptible to an increase of worms or bacteria? What does the soul want to learn from the illness?

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