Connecting with the soul of the horses

Sorraia horses and trust

2023-03-20T09:07:38+01:00June 11, 2022|Horse general, Soul|

The past few weeks I have been able to get acquainted with a herd of pregnant Sorraia mares. Three foals have already been born. There is a stallion who is allowed to cover the mares naturally. It is wonderful to observe how the communication between the mares and the stallion goes. The Sorraia horse is one of the indigenous horse breeds in Portugal and was only discovered in 1920 [...]

The heart as centre of the soul

2023-03-20T09:07:48+01:00February 5, 2022|Horse general, Horse sick, Soul|

The heart is often depicted in the colour red. The red blood flowing through it is pumped around the body by the heart. Blood as a symbol of life force, it transports oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients and waste products through the veins. Essential for the functioning of the body, the heart as centre of the soul. The lungs play an important role in this, they are in close contact with the heart. [...]

The Symbolism and Power of Horses

2023-03-20T09:08:48+01:00May 30, 2017|Horse general, Symbolism|

You can find the symbolism and power of the horses in their appearance and behavior. Horses carry a deep wisdom inside them, a wisdom that goed beyond the physical world to the invisible world. They take you with them into the depth, to power and freedom, on a journey to this invisible world. History‚Ä® The horses have allowed being domesticated about 6,000 years ago. [...]

Message of three deceased foals

2023-03-20T09:08:56+01:00September 19, 2016|Horse general|

A couple has shetlanders that gave birth to three fillies last spring/summer. Unfortunately, all three foals have already passed away. The first two foals were born at night in the barn and found dead the next morning. Thus, it is unknown at what time they died. The third foal was born 2 months later in the pasture and lived for 4-5 weeks. It looked healthy until the last moment, in the morning ...

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