A horse that bites, boundaries and self-power

Paarden die bijten Centrum Equus

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Sometimes you see them, a horse that inexorably bites when you approach it. While at other moments this is totally out of the question, the horse has a soft nature. Such a horse that bites is a very good teacher. With the behavior of biting the horse shows you that you are not present in yourself. Thus it tells you to stay away, it has clear boundaries. You are welcome when you are present.

Although you can feel rejected as a human being, from the horse there is absolutely no judgement attached to it. The horse fulfils its role as a border guard very well. Because the horses are living on the border of this world and the other world, they are able to guard this border. For example, other horses will walk away when they have the freedom to do that. Horses allow you to enter their world when you are present within yourself. Therefore, a horse that bites is to cherish, worthy and brave in the task it has taken on. It helps you to stay alert to be who you are.

In fact, it is healthy boundaries that many people struggle with in life. In the form of boundaries that are too weak or too rigid. So many traumas are associated with them, that setting healthy boundaries often equals rejection in our believe system. It can be quite a challenge to learn to connect boundaries with love. To be allowed to take care of yourself, to stay present within yourself in contact with another person. In the end, it makes that we can develop an enormous self-power. Determining your life as an individual, regardless of what the group or the other person does or expects.

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